Canvas Editions


Our reproduction experts use state of the art scan back cameras to capture my original work. Using archival inks and high tech large format printers, they meticulously match every color in the print to the original work of art. Our giclees are printed on museum grade archival canvas and are rated to have a lifespan of 120 years!  Each print is hand-signed and numbered by Jill Saur and then varnished for protection. You can choose either a hand embellished or standard unembellished giclee.

Hand Embellished:  I meticulously paint over key areas of the giclee using the same archival acrylic paint that I used in the original painting. Hand embellishing adds texture, dimension, and fresh brushstrokes to the print. No two hand embellished pieces are exactly alike, giving you a limited edition that becomes its own unique work of art. It's often difficult to tell the difference between an embellished giclee from an original!  

Standard:  This is a giclée print that has not been painted on with additional paint or texture. Though not embellished, they stand beautifully on their own!  

All limited edition canvases are shipped un-stretched with a two inch white border for local stretching and framing.  Jill Saur Fine Art pays for all packing and shipping.  If you live locally, I will have your giclee stretched at my reproduction company and then I'll embellish it. You can either pick it up at my studio, or I'll deliver it to you.

Return Policy Giclee Limited Editions:  I order and pay for your giclee as soon as I receive your payment. It's printed just for you. Therefore, giclee's are non-refundable. To date, I've never had a dissatisfied customer. I credit this to representing accurate colors from my website and asking clients to measure their wall space for larger works before ordering them. 

How will it look?  Using tape, mark the four corners of the size painting you're interested in. Email me a j.peg of your wall with the marked corners and include the name and size of the giclee you're considering.  I'll drop an image of that giclee in your space and email it back to you. This will give you a great visual.  

Patron:  "We ordered a giclee and you would never know it wasn’t the original!  Jill added so many embellishments to the painting!  We are so proud that it is part of our home. Thank you, Jill. We'll be in touch".  Zeb and Claudine. - Boca Raton, Fla.