'Joy on Canvas' Specializing in large scale expressive paintings.
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Articles For Artists

This page contains articles for current and aspiring artists.  I've written this information over the years and plan on adding new pages as time permits.  Please check back to see what's new.  My hope is that this section of my website will contribute to your growth in your personal artistic journey. 


Acrylic Paints And Mediums

Oil Paints And Mediums

Paint Brushes For Acrylic Painting

Air Purifiers For Art Studios



Reasons To Learn To Paint

Copyright Free Images To Paint

Connecting With Your Subject Matter

Never Give Up

The Joy of Creative Expression and Knowledge

Break Your Creative Block

Retain Your Capacity for Astonishment

Van Gogh's Use of Complimentary Colors

Please feel free to send me your feedback regarding any of these articles.  Thanks! - Jill Saur