Jill Saur


When you own one of my paintings, you'll discover that my work feels alive and timeless.  Years after buying a painting from me, clients tell me the more they look at my work, the more they see. They say my art continues to inspire them, relieve stress in their lives, and bring them joy. This makes me happy. 


My artwork is a natural outpouring of my encounter with God and His majestic creation, resulting in paintings that are dramatic, uplifting, and full of life. My tagline is 'joy on canvas' given to me by my Godfather, Stan Lee, the creator of Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk and numerous other super-heroes.  According to Uncle Stan, my work exudes sheer joy!  I take that as a high compliment considering his creative genius and honesty.


Patrons have been collecting my expressive paintings for thirty-five years. My artwork has been featured in premier galleries in Santa Fe, N.M., Vail, CO., New York, Dallas, TX., and my own art gallery in Historic Roswell, GA. My prints have been sold nationally through catalogs and retail chains.  I'm known for my soulful rendering of aspen and birch trees in landscapes, but I’m equally at home painting seascapes, still life, and abstract paintings!  

In college, I majored in business and journalism, but I ultimately succumbed to my first love, painting.  Studying with master watercolor artists, and branching out into oil and acrylic,  I established the foundation of what would be a lifelong career as an artist.  Later, attending the Atlanta College of Art, I was able to enhance my skills in drawing and painting.

In 2005, fulfilling a lifelong dream, I opened my own 1,750 sq. foot art gallery space in Historic Roswell, Georgia where I successfully showcased and sold my own artwork.  I had the privilege of building a loyal patron following while continuing to develop my artistic style. Currently, I work from my private studio where I have more time to paint, meet with clients, and teach other artists to paint.  I'm just as passionate about painting as I was when I began over thirty years ago! Those who know me, know that I'm driven to continue to grow as an artist.  It's a journey that won't be completed until I take my last, you know, breath.



By building layers of transparent hues, I'm able to capture an illuminating glow in my paintings. When I work with my palette knife, I create thick textural pieces that my patrons love. My clients tell me they feel as though they can walk into one of my landscapes, or reach out and pluck a petal from one of my flower paintings! That makes me smile.  I only work with the finest materials, including the highest quality paints, brushes and canvases.


  My Sunny Georgia Studio 



36"x 48" Bear Commission


Colorado, My Inspiration



My Amazing Husband, Tom


My Buddy, Jack