Commission a Painting by Jill Saur

Are You Looking To Own An Extraordinary Painting That's Just Right For You?  My clients will tell you that you're in the right place!  I Create dynamic expressive works of art and I’ve been painting commissions for clients for over twenty-five years. Why commission a painting with me?  Because you'll get the size painting you're looking for with the colors and subject matter that you want.  You'll own a one-of-a-kind original that will make a unique statement for your home or office.  Most importantly, you're going to get a painting that you love! 
The odds of walking into an art gallery and finding a painting that you love and having it be just the right size that you need, is actually pretty low.
I’ve had clients who've changed their wall space to accommodate one of my paintings, and I’ve had a number of clients decorate an entire room around one of my paintings that they used as a focal point. For those who aren’t prepared to make that costly endeavor, a commission is a perfect way to go.

My paintings are usually featured as the focal point of a room.  The two greatest compliments I get from my clients are that my paintings exude joy and that they're hung in a prominent place for all to see.  

Are you wondering how you can trust commissioning a painting with me if you can't visit my studio?  The answer is, "Your satisfaction is guaranteed!" I’ve had 100% success with my commissions because I take meticulous care of my clients by listening to what they need and communicating with them throughout the entire process.

The Process

  • You will tell me what you are looking for both in content and size.  If we are both confident that our vision is in line with each other, we will proceed with a contract.  
  • I collect half of the purchase price from you. 
  • You provide any color charts or items with colors in them that you want me to include in the painting.  I do a work up sketch and present colors for your approval.  
  • You will receive updates and photos of the painting as it develops.  I gladly accept and want input from you right up until the final approval.  
  • After final approval, you'll make the final payment on your painting.  If you don't live in the Atlanta area, my shipper will pack, insure, and ship your painting to your doorstep.  Best of all, I'll pay the shipping fees.

Below, see commissioned works and read what my patrons have to say about commissioning a painting with me.


From My Clients Who Commissioned 36"x36" "Absolute Joy"

“We began to work with Jill on a commission to put in the mountain house that we are building, never dreaming that we would end up with a painting that invokes such Absolute Joy!  We talked with Jill several times to convey what we feel when we visit the property we purchased, and she understood what we wanted very early in the process. Her ability to translate our words into emotion was unfathomable and resulted in a masterpiece that we will enjoy for many years.  As we picked up the painting, I swear I saw a tear as she reluctantly gave up a piece of her heart.” Ken Manford & Jeffrey Roach - Decatur GA / Hayesville, NC

Ken and Jeffrey have been clients of mine since Ken walked into my gallery ten years ago and purchased a 36”x36” original aspen tree painting as a gift for Jeffrey.  Last year, they commissioned a second aspen tree painting for their new home in Decatur.  In December, Ken emailed me about a vacation home they were building on top of a mountain with spectacular views.  They wanted to commission me to paint something that would be the focal point inside their home.  I sent them a photo that my sister took in the nearby mountains of a river below.  Since they had such wonderful views on top of the mountain, I thought they might want a painting to remind them of the beauty below.  They loved both the idea and the photo, and told me to proceed.  I felt honored they had such trust in me to send a check without ever speaking to me on the phone.  This was all done through email correspondence.

I painted a small painting to work out my colors.  I sent a photo of the painting to Ken and got his feedback.  He told me that he wanted this painting to be about the water and that he wanted the painting to be rich with color.  They only wanted yellow to be used as an accent color on the main tree.  

I sent this to my client to show him the beginning of his painting.

This was one of the final photos I sent before laying in the deepest tones.

The finished 36"x36 painting, "Absolute Joy."


From my clients who commissioned 36"x36" "Canton Street"

"My husband and I lived in East Cobb for nearly two years, and fell in love with Roswell.  When we recently moved to Denver, Colorado, we wanted to take a piece of Roswell with us to our new home as we knew we'd miss Roswell dearly.  Once arriving in Denver, we found the perfect spot over the fireplace to place a lasting memento of our favorite spot in the heart of Roswell. Knowing of Jill's work, we commissioned her to paint a picturesque part of Roswell, and we are so glad we found her and asked her to paint this lasting memory for us!  Jill brought Canton Street to life in masterful detail and elegant style - and allowed for our input on the commission every step of the way.  While we were managing much of the process from afar in Denver - via email and phone calls - Jill put together a fantastic painting that captured everything we were looking for.  What's more is that Jill gave us insights into her work process every step of the way - she truly collaborated with us and valued our input.  The experience of working with her was excellent.  From her taking the initial photo of the Canton Street spot we had identified, throughout the prototyping, and to the finished product, we couldn't have been happier with how things went.  Upon receiving our painting in Denver (and the shipping process was handled with true TLC), we fell in love with the painting of the little place we enjoyed so much.  Thanks to Jill for an outstanding piece of artwork that brought our memorable place to life, along with an exceptional working process and a wonderful overall experience in commissioning our Roswell masterpiece.  We are grateful to Jill for painting something we'll cherish forever".  - Lesley and Josh Disbrow - Denver, Colorado

I started this commission by taking numerous photos of Historic Canton Street.  My clients loved what I presented to them.  Since they wanted a colorful spin in the painting, I put it in photoshop and popped the colors.  

They sent me fabrics from their upholstery and I worked out my color palette to include the colors that would bring their entire room together.  I mailed my palette chart to them for approval.  They loved it! 


From my clients who commissioned 30"x40" "Buckhead Vista"

"Jill made our first original painting experience incredibly special. We approached Jill after finding her work online wanting to commission a painting of the view from our Buckhead balcony. Our intent was to capture the beauty of the view to feature in our future homes, and we specifically picked Jill due to her ability to capture the vibrance of natural and man-made landscapes. 
Jill worked with us to pick our favorite photo of the balcony view and fine-tuned it to the perfect depiction of a fall day looking north to the mountains. Throughout the process, Jill was extremely communicative and sent our family regular progress updates.  She worked tirelessly to perfect every aspect of the photo and we couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. We are so excited to have this unique piece in our family and will cherish it for years to come!" Thank you for everything, Jill! Best, Cara - Buckhead, GA.
I chose hues from my personal color charts that matched up with the enhanced colors in the photo from Cara's balcony.  
I ended up mixing paint on six palette's for this project, my new record.
Stratocumulus clouds are very difficult to paint.  I painted a work-up sky on a smaller canvas, working out my strategy for the sky and then began the larger piece. 
After getting further along with the sky, I painted a yellow underpainting for the trees and foliage. This way, they would end up with a beautiful glow.
This next photo shows the beginnings of the foliage.
The street scenes were very complicated.  Not wanting to settle for anything less than spectacular, I painted them several times to get the perspective and size correct.  Below, you can see the finished result.
Jill Saur's commissioned painting
Cara's husband, Aaron, picked up the painting so that he could take it to the framer.  With his permission, I'm sharing this photo.  Happy client, happy artist!

 From My Client who commissioned 22"x28" “Profound Joy"

”My husband and I commissioned PROFOUND JOY to be painted by Jill Saur after discovering her work online.  What a professional!  What a talent!  What a true dream to work with!!!!  We live in New England but thanks to phone calls, FaceTime, emails, texts…. it felt like we were local.  Jill put her heart and soul into our painting and it shows.  We are thrilled with PROFOUND JOY!  Not only do we love the piece we commissioned but we also fell in love with a piece that Jill painted from our painting's leftover colors.  It also looks gorgeous in our home.  Jill is full of passion and I am so happy that I took this "journey" with her.  Her work will forever mean a great deal to me.  Thank you, Jill!  -  Wendi Ayer - Medfield, Massachusetts

 Wendi lives in Massachusetts.  She found me by doing an internet search.  After going through all the paintings on my website, she found a painting that she loved and saw that it had been sold.  She asked me if I could paint a similar one, only much larger.  

After agreeing on a price, the first thing I did was a work-up of the general appearance of the larger painting I would do, and I included the chart of all the colors that I thought she would love.  I mailed this along with a copy of our agreed contract to Wendi so that she and her decorator could view it first-hand.  Because colors on a computer screen can vary, I wanted Wendi to see the colors in person.  She was re-decorating her living room and she wanted this painting to be the centerpiece over her fireplace.

I  also sent Wendi photo updates as the painting progressed and she gave me her welcomed feedback. 

 The finished piece (below)


This is my finished painting in the living room of Wendi’s beautiful home in Boston.



From my Client who commissioned, “The Bennett Family Farm”

”One afternoon I had the idea to commission a painting of our one hundred year old family farmhouse.  As anyone else would do in 2015, I googled, "commission painting Atlanta". Jill's website was one of the first to show up. Immediately, I was impressed with the talent on her website and the step-by- step process she outlines for commissioned work. I emailed and called Jill and quickly we began collaborating with pictures and emails. Jill truly stays with her commitment to involve the client in the decision process as portrayed on her website. It rapidly becomes clear that Jill paints from the passion in her heart, which creates her unique talent.  Upon completion, you will start to photograph all sorts of ideas that you wish to commission with Jill in the future.  An addiction is created!  I am very honored to have “The Bennett Family Farmhouse” from Jill Saur in my home. My new piece of art will be the talk of Atlanta in 2015.  Thank you Jill for a wonderful first commissioned experience." – Lori B. – Atlanta, GA.

Lori provided  me with a photograph of her family’s one hundred year old farm.  I cropped the image to fit onto an 18”x24” canvas size that Lori wanted.  She approved. 


I painted a preliminary painting for Lori to see.  She came to my studio and loved what she saw.  I then proceeded to paint the larger canvas and as in previous commissions, I kept my client in the loop with photos as I progressed.

Below, my finished 18”x24" painting, “The Bennett Family Farm.”


 From My Clients Who Commissioned 36"x36" "Symphonic Splendor"

"As first time art commissioners, we were a bit nervous initially to approach an artist and start the process. However, after the first  conversation with Jill, we immediately felt at ease. She let us know that she would be open to color choices and input from us throughout the whole process, and she meant it.  We had several meetings and communications with Jill to discuss the project overall, choose colors, review the sketches, and of course, view the final product. There was never a point in the process where we didn’t know what was going to happen next. In the end, we couldn’t be happier with the piece.  She took our vague descriptions and varied color palette and turned it into a beautiful work of art. We can’t wait to hang it as the centerpiece in our brand new home!".    Mandy and Adam C. -  Atlanta, GA

Mandy found me through the internet and contacted me.  I invited Mandy and Adam to my studio to see my work in person and to discuss their vision for a commission.  After they decided to move forward, Mandy emailed me a paint color chart to show me the colors she wanted in her painting.  She also brought me a piece of pottery to show me her favorite color.

I created a color chart with my acrylic paints for their painting.  They approved.


I submitted three drawings to them via email and they chose the one below. 


Because Mandy and Adam commissioned this painting to be the focal point of their beautiful home, I painted a smaller canvas for them to preview (below).  They loved it!

When the 36"x36" painting was completed, both Adam and Mandy came to my studio to give their final approval. They were ecstatic! (Painting Below)


Jill meets with clients in her studio by appointment only.   If you'd like to commission a painting, or see her artwork in person,  please send an email or give us a call (678) 520-5668 or (770)640-1663.  Thanks!