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Painting and Drawing Classes -  After 30 years of living in beautiful Roswell, my husband and I will be moving to Florida to be closer to family.  I've thoroughly enjoyed all the years of painting, teaching, and interacting with all of my lovely students.  Many students have become close friends.  Thanks to all of you for your incredible support!

I'm going to keep this page open during the selling of our home and our move.  I'll see if I'm going to continue to teach in my new location.  I'll have a studio in my home and at first, I'll be painting and working on commissions.

Experience The Joy Of Painting!  

For forty years, my love for painting and selling my original artwork to collectors has also included teaching others how to express themselves in the artistic mediums of drawing and painting. My students create works of art that reflect their own inner thoughts and feelings.  I teach adults and teens in my studio in Roswell, GA.         
Class sizes are small. I teach beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.  You'll learn drawing, design, composition, color theory and painting techniques within the mediums of acrylic, oil, drawing, watercolor and gouache.  Students choose the medium that they want to work in. Each student works with subject matter that appeals to him or her, incorporating their own style.  If you're not sure what your style is, I'll help you discover and cultivate it.                                                                                                                                                              
Please read this next part carefully:  You can join a class when there's an opening on the day and time of your choice. Classes are ongoing throughout the year.  The class you choose will be the day and time you'll come each week.  Your commitment is on a monthly basis. Please give me notice if you won't be returning the next month.  At no charge, I’ve added an extra half hour to each class.  For each month that you’ve been to every class, you’ve gained a free class!  This helps to go towards times that you can't make a class.  There will be no extra make-up classes offered or refunds for missed classes.

CLASS SCHEDULE:  CLOSED                                                               

Students are responsible for buying their own supplies.  No worries, I’ll let you know what you need.  Also, you'll find a supply list for the different mediums right here on my website.


Tuition is paid monthly in advance. In other words, on the last day of each month, I collect the tuition for the following month.  If you aren't in class the last day of the month and you wish to continue your lessons, please contact me to pay for the next month so that I can hold your spot.  You can either send a check or pay by credit card over the phone.  

$120.00 per month if there are three classes in a month on the day of your class

$160.00 per month if there are four classes in a month on the day of your class

$200.00 per month if there are five weeks in a month on the day of your class

Tuition is due at the end of the month for the following month.  

If I cancel a class for personal reasons or if we can’t have class due to bad weather, payment for that class will either be refunded or credited for the next month (your choice).  


Please don't come to class when you're sick.  Really, please don't do this.  You'll appreciate it when you're feeling great and other students stay home instead of spreading the flu or covid.  Thanks in advance!  Also, masks are optional.


Please keep your cell phone in the silent or vibrate mode during class.  If you need to take or make a call, you can step into the next room.   Thanks!

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Student Photos

Art Supply Lists For Different Mediums

My Sunny Studio Below

Further questions?  Email me from my contact page and I'll send you a prompt reply.  Please include your phone number in case I need to call you.  Thanks!