Student Referrals

Referrals For Jill Saur

For the past thirty years, I’ve had the privilege of teaching art classes in my studio. The following comments are from former and current students.  I'm both humbled and thankful for these kind words from such wonderful people!  

ROSWELL, GEORGIA -  1994 Through Today

May 2023 - “Jill’s classes are my oasis. Every week for the last 7 years I have looked forward to my 2.5 hours of learning and tranquility with Jill. Her lessons in color theory and other aspects of painting have helped me create art I never dreamed I was capable of before I met Jill. Not only does she teach and inspire, but she works incredibly hard to create an environment of acceptance and encouragement-- the kind of environment that allows beginners and experts alike to take risks and be adventurous with their art, no matter the skill level. Her classes are the perfect blend of theory and fun.”- Vanessa G.

March 2023 - Jill Saur is the best teacher I have ever had for any interest or subject, not just art. She plans her lessons carefully for each individual student. Her critiques include what is correct and appealing as well as any areas which need change or improvement. I sing her praises to one and all.  CLS - Woodstock, GA.

January 2023 - I highly recommend art classes with Jill Saur. Jill provides a rich learning environment for developing one's painting and drawing techniques as well as expanding one’s creativity. Her studio is an extraordinary space where you practice joy and learn to thrive. Her teaching approach gently steers you away from a perfectionist mode to one of exploration and expression. She helps you discover confidence in yourself to paint or draw, and to see mistakes as opportunities. With Jill, you are not going to get a “come paint as I do” type of class. Jill has experience with using a variety of mediums and artistic styles; hence, she can meet a wide range of students’ artistic interests and needs. Her classes are small and individualized; yet, combined with formal instruction that reinforce the seven elements of art. For me, being able to observe “art in the making” by Jill, my fellow classmates, and in her other students, has been a cherished gift.  Jill is truly a remarkable artist, teacher, and friend. Within a brief time, I went from just painting in class to painting daily thanks to Jill. Unfettered, I am able explore various mediums without ever feeling that I have abandoned by my love of painting with acrylics.  E. Lemal - El Paso, Texas                                      

April 2019 - I am so thankful that I found Jill Saur Fine Art. I appreciate that Jill teaches to the individual interests and talents of her students. Classes are small, creating a welcome and relaxed environment. The majority of students have been painting with Jill for many years. I am encouraged and inspired by each of them. I joined class six months ago to learn to draw and paint using acrylics. I leave each class with so much more…knowledge, technique, and a great group of friends! I encourage anyone who has an interest in art to join. Caryn C. – Atlanta, Ga.

July 2017 - I joined Jill’s art class with only a short period of time available to attend before moving away. Not only was Jill extremely accommodating to my schedule, but she tailored my curriculum specifically to me so that I was able to learn the mediums and skills that would be most useful to my artistic style and to my lifestyle. Unique to Jill as an art teacher is that she has an extremely in depth understanding of color theory, which she has studied and experimented with for many years. She is able to condense this knowledge into student-friendly lessons that have the ability to transform your art, elevating your work to becoming more complex and visually stunning due to your newfound understanding of color. The environment in Jill’s class is one of camaraderie and inspiration. We are all equals here, and Jill treats every one of her students with respect and encouragement. Because of this, I have nothing but the upmost respect for her as an artist and as a friend. After taking only 9 of Jill’s art classes, I feel confident that I have developed my artistic toolkit into one that has allowed me to create complete works of fine art on my own, from conception to completion. She is without a doubt the best art teacher that I have ever had, and I would recommend Jill’s class to anyone who wants to develop their artistic skill in a serious way and have fun doing it. - Morgan F., Atlanta, GA. (Headed to graduate school in California)

May 2017 - It's one thing to be a great artist, but it's another thing to be a phenominal teacher.  Jill is both! - Jojo - Smyna, GA.

February 2017 - After years of wanting to take art lessons, specifically Acrylic painting, I found Jill Saur’s website. After several months of looking at her website and wondering if I dare try my hand at painting, I decided to get the courage to speak with Jill and take some lessons. Jill’s knowledge and experience teaching students has taken me through a lot of basics in drawing and Acrylic painting, all while being surrounded by other artists learning and experiencing different methods of art at varying levels. I thought I might feel intimidated, but instead, I am inspired. I learn something new every week while discovering the artist inside me. Not only am I learning a lot, but I am having fun, often finishing a lesson with a piece of work I am truly proud of. It’s an experience that makes me ask myself, “Why didn’t I start sooner?” - Susie Harton - Cumming, GA.

April 2016 - I have learned so much from Ms Jill in the short time that I have been taking classes from her. I love that she allows each student to decide for himself/herself which project he/she would like to work on and then tailors individual and precise instruction toward that selected project. Every week I look forward to going to her class. I like that she creates an atmosphere of camaraderie where all of us students enjoy interacting and learning from each other in class. Not only is Ms. Jill a fantastic teacher and great artist, but she is also a wonderful person. – Sophia M. – Alpharetta, GA

April 2016 - What defines an effective and great teacher - inspiration, enthusiasm, a passion for the material and the people she/he is working with, as well as a desire to blend creativity with ideas that expand beyond the box. Jill is all of this and more, in that she so clearly illuminates, designates, defines, illustrates, and leads the way for success in all her pupils.  Having worked with Jill for many years, I have witnessed firsthand her joy and passion for painting, which has not only inspired me, but helped others to learn and develop the skills needed to be professional artists. - Donna H. – Marietta, GA

April 2016 - I joined Jill's class just over a year ago. I was looking for a creative outlet and wanted to learn to draw. I had little experience save for a few art classes decades ago. I am still amazed at what I am accomplishing in class. Jill always seems to have the right suggestion or exercise or technique to get me over the current challenge or block. Even with her years of experience she can break it down for the beginner.  The class environment is inspiring - bright, cheerful with supportive people and changing artwork - there is always something to spark creativity.  I look forward to years of painting with Jill. – Carol S.

April 2016 - I have been taking art lessons from Jill for many years. I left corporate America and decided to use a different part of my brain. I had no art experience. Jill mixes her lessons on basics such as basic drawing skills and values with an innate understanding of where each individual needs and wants to be. Over the years, the individuals in the class have been simultaneously working with different mediums, with different skill levels and focuses. Jill manages to coach each of us where we are at that particular time. Our class has also explored together - from sketching outdoors to color theory to projects and demonstrations. Jill's classes can be whatever you want and need to explore for your own creative talents.  Pat G. – Marietta, GA

April 2016 - "Looking back, my most positive life-changing experiences or events have resulted from a strong inward push that I don't really understand at the time.  A series of events and urges led me to Jill's class that I can only explain in such a way.  Jill doesn't just teach a technically and excellent class on drawing and painting.  Her approach to teaching incorporates her deep love of art, heart-felt compassion, understanding, spirituality, humor, and friendship.  Her understanding of the creative process touches her students on an emotional level, which I've come to believe is essential to the fullest development of an inner artist.  I’ve experienced it myself andI've witnessed it in my fellow students. If you're reading this, something has drawn you to Jill and her classes.  I urge you not to ignore it. " -Deborah Fields - Roswell, GA

March 2016 - The experiences I have had in Jill’s class have been very enlightening. I learn something in every class. Jill teaches in a way that is very understanding. As you learn new techniques and art perspectives, you find out how little you knew about drawing and painting. Perspective is the first thing you learn with the “stick of truth” (Yes, a stick!). I have laughed and I have cried from the bonds that have been created from going to this class. I would recommend this class to anyone who would like to take their art skills to the next level and to learn it from someone who is truly remarkable! - Amanda Marshall – Marietta, GA

March 2016 - I'm a mosaic artist who came to Jill Saur's class to become a better (all around) artist. I also felt that some education and a different medium (acrylic paint) might help my own art become more refined. I've said for years that "there's an artist inside everyone." What comes out of Jill Saur's classroom is proof that if a person has a passion for art, they can be technically trained and flourish. The student's paintings speak volumes for Jill's abilities as a teacher. I'm improving and learning with every painting and couldn't ask for a better teacher. I'll be holding onto my Monday night spot for a long time.  Alison Keogler – Atlanta, GA

March 2016 - Jill's caring personality nurtures not only my creativity but my spirit as well. Jill graciously welcomes you into her studio as a student and new friend. She has taught me to slow down and enjoy the process of creating art. I am only just beginning to develop my skills and I look forward to continuing to learn from Jill! – Sarah M. – Alpharetta, GA

March 2016 - Although I am not a student of Jill’s, I highly recommend her art classes. In fact I am giving her my “Mother Approved” seal! I am thrilled that my teenage daughter is in Jill’s art class. My daughter has taken many ‘art classes’ before Jill’s, however, I never felt like they were true art classes; they seemed to be more like six to twelve week craft classes.  I kept searching for a true art program. Finally, I found Jill!  Her class is truly art (not craft) instruction and it is QUALITY art instruction.  Jill runs a beautiful, organized, and well-managed art studio. I’m glad that her classes are continuous; there is not a stopping point… you keep taking lessons as long as you would like, not just for a few weeks and then it is over. It’s great that Jill has built in an extra half hour to each class so that there is no need to schedule a make up class. I also appreciate that Jill keeps her classes small so that she is able give INDIVIDUAL instruction to ALL the students during the entire class. My daughter really likes Jill’s class and I finally feel that my daughter is now learning all the proper and necessary art skills from a qualified artist and fantastic instructor. - Beth M. Alpharetta, GA

February 2016 - I want to thank Jill for the excellent instructions I have received under her direction. Being a true novice it has been a thrill for me to learn about all that goes into creating art. From the tools to the composition then the actual drawing, the exceptional level of her knowledge is impressive. Yet she can speak to the skill level of each student and help us to learn from each other. I feel so blessed for this opportunity look forward to class each week. Nanci C. – Canton

January 2016 - I have been taking classes from Jill for more than four years and enjoy it more every year.  The camaraderie within the classes is wonderful and the environment is creative and the experience is very stress relieving.  I really enjoy that Jill pushes me to try new things, step out of my comfort zone and really have fun.  She has a gift for teaching by example, instruction or gentle prodding.  I recommend the class to anyone looking to learn, have fun, relax, or to meet great people! – Bridgette – Roswell, GA

June 2015 - I joined Jill's class about 2 months ago. In a short time, I was able to draw in a way I never knew was possible.  Jill is a terrific teacher, her approach is encouraging, helping you dare to believe that you can create something beautiful. The class dynamic is a good one with students at different levels using different mediums. Jill sets a positive tone and can help you achieve excellence in the artwork you create. I truly look forward to learning the critical skills to grow as an artist and I’m always eager to go to her class. Her own paintings are beautiful and inspiring. She's a very and talented wonderful artist! – Chris – Atlanta, GA 

June 2015 - Jill Saur - what can I say?  Not only is she a superb artist, but she has the gifts of a master teacher.  Being in Jill’s classes is a mix of instruction, learning to push yourself to reach your potential as your skills increase, and fun!  Each student is taught as an individual while also learning techniques and skills as a group.  When I retired, I started painting on my own, thinking I could teach myself.  I received a Christmas present of a gift certificate for one lesson with Jill; 6 years later I am still at Jill’s studio every week, learning something new each lesson.  Jill is knowledgeable in all aspects of painting, conscientious of the needs of each student and always encouraging.  She’s the best.  I am proud to call her teacher and friend. - Tom Kendall,  Roswell, GA 

May 2015 - As a child and young teenager I constantly created and thought that I would study art as my life avocation. Then my plan derailed as I studied Earth Sciences in college, raised a family, and spent the next 25 years as a professional in the information technology field.  I always hoped that when my life slowed down that I would return to drawing and painting. I knew in my first class with Jill that I found that opportunity to revisit my dream of creating art again. Since attending weekly classes with Jill, I am learning to see the world differently. I am more centered, and love the time that I can do something “just for me”. My skills are improving under Jill’s tutelage and I really enjoy how she supports individual progress but, also encourages everyone in our class to learn from each other. I recommend Jill’s instruction to anyone who is serious about developing their talent. My Wednesday nights in Jill’s art class are the highlight of my week and I look forward to continuing for a long time. – Jackie Marshall - Atlanta, GA

May 2015 - In Jan, 2015 I searched in the Roswell area for an art class.  I was fortunate to find the information on Jill Saur and her weekly classes. I joined one of her classes, and I have so enjoyed the time drawing and being with Jill and the other classmates.  What I love about her class is it is small and every person is working on their own interest and at their own pace.  Jill takes the time to encourage, teach and stretch your ability as an individual.  She also takes the time to share her vast experience in an educational and mentoring way with the class.  Since I began her class I have had a different eye towards art, architecture, and our physical space we live and work in. Her skill ability and strengths can have her working with a beginner, someone who is reclaiming their art foundation, or an experienced artist.  The 2 ½ hours I spend in her class has made such a difference to my week as it’s calming, encouraging, and is building my patience and enjoyment of quiet and time alone later in the week. - Lynne Dougherty - Atlanta, GA 

April 2015 - Seven years ago, I was taking lessons from Jill and had to stop because of family commitments.  A few months ago I started taking lessons again.  While away from her classes I always knew that I would come back because of Jill’s approach…she creates the perfect balance of support and enjoyment, all while guiding you to push yourself beyond what you thought you could achieve.  Jill’s classes are full of “usable" artistic critiques, inspiration, friendship, support and accomplishment. One of the things that impresses me most about Jill is how she can take students at any level, from beginner to those ready to show their work, and show them something new, taking a good painting and making it great.  The classes allow you to go at your own pace and choose whatever subject inspires you.  It’s such a supportive environment, never competitive or negative!  Your classmates become friends.  You want them to achieve beauty in their work and they truly want the same for you…that’s a unique feeling in a world that can often be critical and unsupportive.

Jill is able to embrace the differences in people and help them use their own perspective and artistic ability to make their art the best it can be.  I can personally say that I see growth in each of my paintings.  She doesn’t try to make us paint like her, but paint like ourselves, only at the best level possible.  Recently, Jill suggested that I do a Van Gogh study and I thought, “Sure, but not really my style.”  Wow!  As usual that suggestion was so much more than what I thought.  It gave me an all new look at the world and nature, at paintings and the art masters.  That study affected my use of color, strokes and blending…that’s just one example of the way you learn in these classes.

I’ve heard Jill say in reference to student’s work, “that makes my heart sing.”  I think that summarizes the atmosphere of Jill’s classes.  I know that at the conclusion of each class, I will walk away inspired, relaxed, happy and rejuvenated! – Tammy Anderson - Johns Creek, GA

April 2015 (A Poem From Jim) -  I've learned many things in my class with Jill Saur, how to shadow a vase, or color a flower. I've learned about oils, watercolors, acrylics, and all the correct stuff I should buy when at Blick's.  I've learned from Jill's demos, color wheels and "the stick," and not to be slavish to the photos I pick from which to do paintings (there's many a one she's saved me from botching); I thank her a ton! And with my classmates, there's really respect. They do such great things and we really connect. Yes, Jill gives neat lessons; she has such a flair, We even went once to the Hooch for pleine air! I've really enjoyed both Jill and my peers. No wonder I've been in her class for six years. – Jim D. – Marietta, GA. (AKA… The Professor)     

April 2015 - I am a creative person but had very little confidence in my ability to draw. I was anxious as I entered Jill's studio that first time.  After a few weeks of going through the basics, observing Jill with other students, listening to her teach with enthusiasm, while sharing a plethora of knowledge, I found myself excited and looking forward to my weekly time in her studio.  She gave me the confidence to move from drawing to painting, and continues to nudge me to use my artistic license and paint from life. I took a sketchbook with me last winter on vacation, allowing myself to relax through drawing. She has taught me to look at the world with a different set of eyes, standing back and seeing the beauty around me in all things. Jill is not only a fine artist but a fabulous teacher. - Sherry Kushibab - Atlanta, GA

March 2015 - Ms. Jill is an incredible art instructor with the soft touch to work with new students beginning their journey in the world of art and the advanced guidance to push more accomplished students to stretch more and do more than maybe they thought they could do.  With that said, greater than all her teaching qualifications, she is simply a wonderful caring lady, taking interest in us way beyond our art aspirations.  I always feel better when I leave class than when I walked in. - Warren Cato - CEO, Managing Partner - Atlanta, GA 

March 2015 - Ever since I was a small child I have always had an interest in painting.  I've always wanted to pursue this interest, but never seemed to have enough time to add it to my routine.  When the time finally arrived, I was lucky to have found Jill online in my area.  Best decision I've ever made, as far as finding the right teacher!  Jill has a passion for painting and knows how to pass that passion on to her students. It's infectious!  Due to her experience she is able to direct me in whatever direction I plan on going with my art.  And happy to do so, I might add.  Every time I leave a class I have learned something.  Can't speak highly enough about Jill's abilities and how she's helped me and my fellow classmates become artists.  I look forward to my art class and hope to keep my spot in her class for many years to come! – Amy Powers - Marietta, GA 

March 2015 - Jill Saur is an artist mentor.  She has a deep knowledge of color theory, design and technique that is evident in the quality and range of her paintings.  She shares the wealth of her artist experience with her students with clarity and love.  I was new to painting a year ago and am amazed by the progress I’ve made in her class.  Jill creates an atmosphere of mutual support and appreciation for risk-taking.  She takes time to teach fundamentals and gives specific instructions that enable us to apply what we learn. I’ve taken many other kinds of art classes over the years, but have never found a teacher so attentive to students’ individual needs.  I’m very grateful for the opportunity to learn from and with Jill. - Dr. Margaret Foley McCabe - Alpharetta, GA. 

February2015 - I have been lucky enough to be taking Jill’s classes for almost two years now and have enjoyed every minute of it.  The classes are designed to teach at all levels and ages and I am constantly awed at her ability to consistently get amazing results out of everyone in the class. It’s an open friendly atmosphere with no judgments, only critiques to use as you will. Jill is a wealth of information that she freely shares if you ask, but ask or listen. Students get basic and advanced instruction in drawing and painting, information on where to get ideas for paintings, her take on what kind of supplies to use and why, demonstrations of different techniques, and much, much more. I myself had a year of art instruction in college and design classes, but I have learned so much from Jill about painting that was never in any course I had (including her version of the color wheel – trust me – it is sooo much better than the one we did in school). -  Kathy Kitzmiller 

January 2015 - Jill, I wanted to say thank you for teaching me the foundation of learning how to draw. Also, thanks to my husband for giving me this class as a gift for Valentines Day. I’ve always loved to draw and paint, and thought I was pretty good, but learning the correct way of putting my pencil to paper, values of shading and measuring for placement is very important to a beautiful piece of art. I’ve found myself looking at different objects in a new light, the shading of the clouds and details of a tree.  It’s been awesome! Thank You! Cathy Linss

December 2014 - I cannot say enough good things about Jill Saur’s art class or her stellar (and often amusing) teaching approach. Beyond the seven elements of art, Jill Saur’s classes are lessons about life.  Once you have crossed the threshold of her studio, the journey of making art awakens and takes root in all of your senses.  You enter an extraordinary place where you thrive both as person and as part of special group/community of fellow art students.  With Jill’s guidance and nurturing, you learn to find the medium and style for interpreting and representing your desired subject matter. Jill shows you how to couple creativity with technique.  She gently helps steer you away from the perfectionist, hypercritical self that may stifle your artistic development and growth. Eventually, you learn to trust yourself to paint or draw with confidence and to view mistakes as opportunities to expand your skill set. Equally important, you learn to accept and give feedback.  For me, being able to observe “art in the making” by Jill, my fellow classmates, and her other students, is a much cherished gift.  I highly recommend taking Jill’s classes.  Without a doubt, it will quickly become the highlight of your week.  I certainly wish every day was my Saturday art class. - Eleanor L. - Woodstock, GA. 

August 2014 - I had the pleasure of beginning painting classes with Jill in 2008. I have since painted in watercolor and acrylic mediums, with Jill sharing her expertise in both areas. Jill's classes, no matter the medium though, are wonderful. Not only do I learn something new and amazing with each passing week, I also very much enjoy the opportunity to paint in the company of so many other wonderful and talented classmates. The relaxed atmosphere is for me, like a fabulous day at the spa. I leave each class feeling refreshed and regenerated. Even with an occasional teenager in the mix, the dynamic of the students is very conducive to a place to create personal masterpieces. Jill Saur is a phenomenal teacher, inspiration, and friend and I feel fortunate to be able to sit at the table each week in her studio. - Krista Weaver - Marietta, GA.

February 2014 - Mrs. Jill, you are a fabulous artist, from your paintings of aspen trees to tree frogs and koi. I strive to make my art more like yours. In fact, I could write a whole page-long review on how great you are as an artist… but that wouldn’t leave me room to begin to describe you as a teacher. I can’t say enough great things about your class! Your lessons are fun and engaging (yes, even the hummingbird lesson). All the skills I have learned in your classes have added to my artwork tremendously! My family and friends constantly remark how far I have come and when they ask what my “secret ingredient” is, I say, “Mrs. Jill’s class, of course.” You have taught me how to really understand shapes, color, composition, and proportions, all necessary skills to an artist. You have given me guidance, lessons, beneficial critiquing, and much more in the 4 years I have spent in your class. Most other teenagers my age don’t understand how I can leave a 2 ½ hour art class smiling, but I do. Your class is wonderful and anyone, beginners to professionals, can benefit from your instructions! – Rosie - High School Student– Roswell, GA 

September 2013 - "I have learned more in one day of Jill's class than I have in all my years of painting". - Katie Adams - Kentucky 

August 2013 - I'm writing this after only five lessons with Jill.  I had not painted in about forty years, so basically, I am a beginner.  I will say this, I learned more and gained more confidence in 5 lessons than I did in 8 months from a previous teacher. Jill has enormous patience, she gives guidance, offers the tools we need for success, and above all, she gives encouragement and builds self esteem. Jill does not mince words, she tells it like it is.  Right or wrong, she is going to let you know.  I like that about her. Her classes are small, this allows her to spend the time needed with each student. Jill has a great sense of humor which adds to the enjoyment of the class. One thing that really impressed me, is that she will ask if you are having fun, this is what an art class should be all about. I leave each class exhilarated, looking forward to the next week. All this, not to mention her artwork is extraordinary. - Shari - Atlanta, GA 

June 2013 - Jill - Wanted to send you a quick note about Mac. We just returned from attending the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards in New York City. We went to celebrate with Mac for receiving a National Gold Medal for a drawing she submitted. Of the 230,000 submissions only 1% received National recognition ( even fewer gold medals)!! The ceremony was at Carnegie Hall and we visited the Gallery at Parsons School where her piece is on display with all the other National Gold winners from across the Country! Very exciting week-end and recognition for Mac!  Thank you for all that you have taught and encouraged her to do! - Sandy Ring - Roswell, GA 

June 2013 - Hi Jill:  Just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know, that I recently received an Honorable Mention at the Texas Watercolor Society 64th National Watercolor Exhibition and went to San Antonio to receive 
it. I am also participating in a number of art shows this fall (one in Chicago in early December) and the Yellow Daisy Festival in Stone Mountain in early September.  Again, thanks for all you inspiration and teaching. I have really valued all your art advice.  Hope you are doing well. Sincerely, Jennifer Slavik :) 

February 2012 - Jill, your art is breathtaking. However, as your student, I want everyone to know about your excellent teaching ability. You treat a beginner, like me, with challenges and patience, yet you add your flare to the advanced students artwork. I enjoy coming to class each week. You keep the classes small so that we get your attention whenever we need it. You are the best in Atlanta, and I've been elsewhere. I urge those who want a hobby or a way to perfect their work, to take a class from Jill. -  Elaine Thornton - Atlanta, GA

June 2011 - Jill,  Thank you so much for your constant and enthusiastic support of Rebecca’s interest in art.  Hard to believe that six years has passed since her first lesson!  She has come so far, learned so much, and gained confidence in her abilities under your expert tutelage.  You’ve been a tremendous influence on her work and her perception of herself as an artist.  Thank you for investing in Rebecca.  With appreciation, Karen - Atlanta, GA 

January 2011  “Very Happy to have found Jill Saur and her studio! I decided to finally get back to my artwork after many years. Jill has taught me so many new things! She is patient and is an excellent teacher. Her studio is bright and cheerful. I truly enjoy coming to class and improving my artwork with her assistance. She has given me the confidence that I still can paint and draw”. -  Dottie - Woodstock 

December 2010 -  “Jill is a gifted teacher for anyone who wants to explore their artistic and creative potential.  My daughter has been taking art from her for six years and the class is the highlight of her week.  High praise from a teenager!  She has found in Jill a teacher who will challenge, instruct, and encourage her.  Jill has helped her find her own artistic voice.  It has been terrific to watch my daughter blossom into a serious artist under Jill’s direction.  I give Jill my highest recommendation”!  - Karen G. - Atlanta, GA. 

December 2010 - “I’ve been taking lessons from Jill for over two years.  She is an excellent teacher and artist.  She allows you to do your own thing while giving you guidance and encouragement.  I had never painted before and never thought I could.  But, Jill has taught me to draw and create beautiful artwork. The classes are taught in a warm friendly atmosphere with great music and occasional conversation”. Carole K. - Marietta, Ga 

October 2010 - “Art classes that inspire!  Jill’s class is my therapy.  It is my way to unwind from my stressful job and paint my heart out.  I like that I have the freedom to paint what I am passionate about, but with the guidance to truly make my artwork special. The class is a relaxed environment where creativity is inspired”!  A.M.C. - Woodstock, GA 

July 2009 - “Meeting Jill by chance in an aisle at Dick Blick Art, literally changed my life!  Originally, I had planned to "self teach" myself.  But as we all know, there is no substitute for knowledge.  I hadn't drawn in decades, so Jill started me there.  What an eye-opening revelation!  Her technique for drawing to scale is amazing, and learning value study and the elements of design was so essential.  She gave me confidence, direction and support in such a kind, patient, encouraging manner.  I couldn't wait to get to the next class!  Best of all, she understood and worked with the fact that I'm a very detailed person (perfectionist, actually).  And it's true - anyone can paint if you have the desire.  Jill's classes are inspiring, fun and always informative.  The other students are just great, giving you more inspiration and encouragement.  Each class is a new learning adventure, and just so much fun.  Big emphasis on FUN!  Painting has added a new dimension to my life, changed how I look at art and nature, improved my photography, and I owe it all to Jill.  Thank you, Jill, for opening my eyes and expanding my world”!  Karen Egger - Roswell, GA

April 2009 - “From my first time stepping into Jill’s art studio, I felt right at home. She always greets me with a smile and gives me a hug. She is extremely gifted; it is a blessing to take lessons from her. She always gives me advice that is applicable to any piece I may be doing in her class. Even when I am completely frustrated, she gives me reassurance and confidence to start again. I cannot express how much Jill means to me.  She has given me hope to continue art for the rest of my life. My ability has improved greatly as a result of her teaching”. - Anne Ferguson  - High school student 

July 2008 - “In each class I attend, it is apparent Jill has the gift of encouragement.  She spurs her students on to find the artist within them, giving praise, constructive criticism, and demonstrations of her own technique.  Each time we're together I learn a valuable "nugget" of information; something I was missing, something I needed to see or hear to improve my work.  I have only been attending Jill's class for a short while now, and wish I had found her sooner!  I look forward to learning so much more from this very talented artist”. - Christina Steward - Cumming, GA

October 2008 - “Someone told me that they didn’t know that I knew how to paint.  I said to them, “I didn’t, I just walked into Jill’s studio and all of a sudden....I could!” - Diane Kulish - Atlanta, GA 

January, 2007 – “Jill is a natural teacher.  She’s always positive in her suggestions for improvement of a student’s work.  Our classes have student’s working in different mediums, but Jill’s attention to each individual is extraordinary, and I always come away from each lesson with a “WOW.....I see that.......I get that.” • Barb Dunlap • Woodstock, GA 

July, 2007 – “As an experienced artist coming back to my hobby after many years of inactivity, Jill’s class provided the perfect setting for rekindling my passion for painting. Jill’s knowledge and skill are inspirational to me, and the studio has a relaxed, casual and friendly atmosphere – a perfect place to come each week to paint and interact with other artists.  Jill is a constant encourager and knows how to mentor her students to improve their skills with each new project.  Painting in Jill’s class is one of the highlights of my week”.  • Mike Schwaig • Roswell, GA

July, 2007 – “Jill,  It’s been a pleasure to attend your art classes.  I have learned so much in the past year and the fact that I now paint on my own, is greatly due to your knowledge and teaching ability.  When someone like me shows up to your class and says “all my painting’s look like mud”…. then, weeks later I’m mixing my colors without any problem.  That’s because you knew what I was doing wrong.  The color wheel technique that you had me do is opening a whole new world in painting for me … I’m having so much fun now and I love going to your classes.  I continue to learn more about color and how to make a picture look real.  Shadows, light effects, and positioning of the object, all things you have added to my education to the art of painting.  Thank you so much for all you have given to me.  You are not just a great instructor but also a fantastic artist with a gift that you share with others”. Dee Dee Haynes - Alpharetta GA 

September, 2007 - “Jill has been blessed not only with incredible talent, but the desire to help others find their inner creativity.  Students range from beginners to those who are looking to mastering a new medium.  Jill’s inspiration grabbed my inner desire to be a fine artist and helped me turn a dream into a reality.  After twenty years as a commercial artist, I longed to embark on a new journey.  Without Jill’s guidance and inspiration, my dream may have never evolved.  I am now represented by multiple galleries and I show at juried fine arts festivals across the southwest.  Jill taught me a new theory on color that I use in every painting I create.  This theory was never taught to me in art school, but wow what a difference it makes”.  Michael Lee • Fine Artist • Atlanta, GA 

December 2007 -  “I have taken art classes from Jill Saur since April 2007.  I  have painted off and on for years and have taken several classes from other Georgia artists.  I have learned more in the past year than in the past 10 years.  Watching Jill teach others is a learning experience in and of itself.  She prods, encourages and praises each of her students regardless of their choice of media:  watercolor, oil, acrylics, pencil drawings etc.  As a result, we all learn to apply a multitude of techniques to enhance our own personal style. When I first began with Jill, I was amazed at her talent and the talent of her students!  I believe the students' talent is a testimony to Jill's ability to teach.  Her joy of life and her love for others truly makes Jill an outstanding teacher.  I am glad to have her in my life”. • Pam Jordan •  Marietta, GA 

November 2005 - "Jill invited me to join her art class eleven years ago and I said yes. Her guidance and encouragement has led me through the door and into a world of excitement and creativity that I had only known from the outside looking in. Classes are so much fun. Its still a highlight of my week”. • Paulette Ivey • Roswell, Georgia 

December, 2005 - "My mom, Jill Saur, has been my instructor, mentor, and inspiration in all things creative!  Not only is my mom very talented, but she has instilled in me a genuine love for art.  At a young age, I sat in my mother's studio classes and began to paint as soon as I could hold a paintbrush.  One favorite childhood memory was when my mom framed a painting that I did and put it in her student's art show.  At five years old, I remember feeling such a sense of accomplishment.  Fast forward nineteen years, and painting still gives me the same feeling of accomplishment.  My artwork is currently in two galleries, and I attribute all of my accomplishments to my mom for gently pushing me to expand in my abilities, and her steady encouragement along the way”. • Amy Saur • Woodstock, Georgia

December, 2005 - "Jill, I just want to let you know how excited I am that you are going to have your new art studio and gallery.  I loved taking watercolor classes with you for the past three years.  You are such a talented, patient, encouraging and dynamic teacher.  I wish I had had more teachers like you when I was in college!  Every week that we had class, the time would go by so quickly, we never wanted it to end.  It was so much fun to paint with such a wonderful group of women.  Everyone was always so encouraging and enthusiastic about whatever project we were working on. I loved the fact that we started a painting and then when we were finished, you taught us how to mat and frame our work.  I have really enjoyed being able to create a painting and then give a framed gift of my work to family and friends.  I hope that I can continue to learn and improve and try different mediums with you this year”. • Jan Wojcik • Roswell

November, 2005 – “Jill Saur’s art classes are informative, helpful and encouraging for me. When I began classes with her three years ago, I considered myself an intermediate painter. Jill’s instruction about color and placing subjects on my canvas or watercolor paper, allowed me the freedom to paint whatever I wanted to paint with confidence. I have benefited greatly by her patient and caring teaching abilities”.• B. Meyer • Roswell, GA 

November, 2005 – “Jill taught my first watercolor class and was very patient and encouraging. She knows how to teach beginners and the more advanced student the basics of color theory and composition. While she is an accomplished artist herself, she is also an effective teacher and this is a rare combination. Her classes are the motivation to improve skills to do art you can be proud of. • Sonja Goodman • Big Canoe  

POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK - Taught Classes 1988 through 1993 

September 1993 - "Jill has taught art to both my daughter and son for five years. Throughout this period, my children blossomed in their artistic ability and love for art. She taught them to be proud of their attempts and accomplishments, always building their self-esteem. Recently, my daughter compiled her portfolio for independent secondary school from the work she did under Jill’s instruction. Many schools commented on the degree of accomplishment and professionalism that the portfolio presented. My son still continues to draw and has many fond memories of his time with Jill. We will miss Jill and highly recommend her to you”. Dr. and Mrs. Karen Leopold • Wappingers Falls, New York 

July 1993 - "Jill Saur has taught my daughter, Katie, art and watercolor for the last five years. I recommend her highly for the individual attention, encouragement and care she gives each of her students. Katie has grown tremendously as a young artist during her time with Jill, and because of Jill’s support, plans to use her skills in an art career. We already miss Jill, both as a friend and teacher”. • Mary Clark •  Salt Point, New York

March 1992 - (In response to a newspaper article about one of my students) - "Dear Jill, I thought you might enjoy seeing and reading about Heather's recent success. I didn't think you received The Southern Dutchess News. I hope you know that her training with you contributed to her talent today. We are very proud of her, as I am sure you are! She is doing very well in her art studies and hopes to continue with them after high school. Thanks for your interest and concern for Heather”. •  Sandy Devine • Poughkeepsie, New York 

DALLAS, TEXAS - Taught 1984 through 1988 

February 1988 - "Any children receiving art lessons from Jill Saur will greatly benefit artistically and emotionally. Jill's genuine care for her students is expressed in the great relationship she has with them. She is most encouraging and very positive as a teacher. My son, Carson, has developed his talent in drawing, pen and ink, and watercolor. While in her classes, he has placed in two art contests and his confidence has grown. I highly recommend Jill as an art teacher. Your gain is certainly our loss here, and we will miss her greatly”. • Eileen Weeks • Lewisville, Texas

February 1988 - "Jill Saur has been my son Adam's art teacher for the past year. I have been thoroughly delighted with the results of his first experience with art lessons. Jill's sweet and sensitive nature has given Adam confidence in his abilities and talents. He has not only developed skills, but has also developed an eye for beauty and composition. I would highly recommend Jill as an art teacher and person. She is so very talented and kind and loving with the children. Adam and I will miss her very much”. • Lynda Whitman • Lewisville, Texas

February 1988 - 'As an artist, I feel Jill is outstanding and she has a special gift of communicating with children. She took a special interest in each of her students and was always full of enthusiasm, encouragement, and patience. My daughter, Carlye, took lessons from Jill for over a year. She looked forward to every class and always came home with such a positive attitude about her work, and I was always so impressed with what she had learned. Anyone fortunate enough to take lessons from Jill undoubtedly will broaden their horizons”. • Toni Nelson • Lewisville, Texas