The Joy of Creative Expression and Knowledge

Written by Jill Saur 11-2016

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." - Albert Einstein 

Albert Einstein’s brilliant quote is profound.  Helping my students tap into their creative side is only one facet of my desired goal.  Awakening them to the joy that unfolds in the creative and learning process is my higher aim.

A person doesn't just start playing the piano without any exploration of the keyboard. Rather, after gaining sufficient knowledge and spending time practicing, they can freely move about the keys and write their own music.  Oh the joy of composing!

The same holds true with painting.  As you learn the elements and principles of design and the techniques of applying paint, you can relax and experience the pure unadulterated joy of your creative expression through painting.  My tag line is 'joy on canvas.' Hopefully, the joy of painting that I experience shines through in my artwork. And, hopefully, your creative journey is allowing you to experience the same.

Gaining knowledge in learning how to paint can bring tremendous joy, but it requires a very important component, patience.  Learning to paint takes time.

The other day, a student asked me if I would paint a cloud demo for her. I pulled out a 16”x20” canvas and proceeded with a blue underpainting. As I invited the class to watch, I picked up my brush and said, “The secret to painting beautiful clouds is having patience." I often layer my clouds up to six or seven times before I consider them finished.

As you gain knowledge and practice what you learn, you're going to need patience.  It takes time to learn concepts and techniques.  You learn through trial and error.  I remember when I began to study watercolor painting, I would go home after class and practice what I'd learned for hours.  I experienced my share of frustration in those early days, but I also remember the small victories that encouraged me to keep going. There's a special joy that comes from attaining knowledge.  After all, someone very wise once said, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

Combining creative expression with knowledge and putting them to use within the context of your own individuality, is indeed the recipe to awaken your own joy of painting.