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Reasons To Learn To Paint

Written by Jill Saur 1/09

When I attended art school, I was in awe of the students from Russia.  They had extensive training in art from the time they were young children.  They were incredible! Their country, and others like them, placed a tremendous emphasis on the importance of learning to draw and paint.  

It's my hope that America shifts back to placing an emphasis on training in the arts. The following reasons explain my argument for learning to draw and paint.  These benefits apply to individuals of all ages.  Thanks for reading!

 1.   Painting stimulates the brain and helps develop problem-solving skills.

 2.   Painting builds a keener sense of perception, helping you to make better decisions.  

 3.   Learning to paint engages the senses.

 4.   Painting helps you relax.

 5.   Painting stimulates creativity.

 6.   Painting helps develop individuality and independence.

 7.   Painting helps to build self-esteem.

 8.   Painting gives you a sense of well-being.

 9.   Painting generates enjoyment.

 10.  Painting promotes self-expression.

 11.  Painting promotes abstract thinking.

 12.  Painting gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

 13.  Painting promotes non-verbal communication skills.

 14.  Painting is exhilarating.

 15.  Painting teaches us more about ourselves than we imagined.


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