Never Give Up

Written by Jill Saur 2010

For me, there are three types of paintings that end with success.  In each case,  I never give up!

1.  The first type of painting is the one that flows effortlessly. It’s like a fine tuned symphony producing beautiful music.  I suppose it's like catching the "perfect wave" and riding it all the way to the shore.  However, even the perfect wave has obstacles and requires endurance.   I never give up!

2.  The second type of painting is the one that I wrestle with.  I find myself having to paint over certain areas again and again.  Actually, the ones I struggle with lead to new discoveries and results that surprise me.  They afford an opportunity for growth.  This struggle reminds me of the grain of sand in the oyster.  The oyster takes the annoying grain of sand and spins a beautiful pearl.  Some of my best works have resulted from these paintings.  I never give up!

3.  The third type of painting is the one that throws me out of my “comfort zone”.  Oh, but that's where the opportunity for greatness really happens!  Pushing beyond the fear of the unknown, I look to my Creator for new and exciting ideas.  That’s when painting becomes a rhythmic dance that I engage in with brush, paint, and spirit. What an exciting experience it is to be an artist, what a thrilling life, and all because I never give up!