What To Look For In An Online Gallery When Buying Art

  • Credentials. How long have they been in business? Do they have patron reviews? Can you find any information or reviews about the artist or gallery by doing a Google search?
  • An informative ‘About Us’ page.
  • A ‘Contact’ page that includes a physical address, phone number, and email address.
  • A clear written page outlining their shipping, insurance and return policies.
  • It should be informative and easy to navigate.
  • High-resolution photographic representation of the artwork that reveals different vantage points. This is how you’d expect to see the work in person.
  • A listed size of every painting, including the sides.
  • A secured checkout page that takes major credit cards or PayPal. Look for the lock icon and https: prefix in the address window (your sign that your dealing with a secured website). 
  • An explanation of the quality of materials used in the artwork (this might be found in the 'About' page).
  • A ‘certificate of authenticity’ signed by the artist, for every piece of artwork sold. 
  • A ‘terms and conditions’ privacy statement. 


© 2016 - Written by Jill Saur, Jill Saur Fine Art LLC.