Giclee Information

Using state-of-the-art equipment, and unrivaled expertise, my reproduction company meticulously matches every color in the giclee to the original work of art!  Using Archival inks, papers and canvases, they produce the most superior giclee's that I've seen in the market today. These works of art can confidently be handed down as family heirlooms. Each giclee is hand varnished to protect the painting from sunlight and to give the painting a beautiful luster.

                       HAND EMBELLISHING                       

Hand-embellishing is a term used for taking a giclee and hand painting key areas of the artwork with fresh paint. Giclee's are a great way to start collecting the work of an artist whom you admire, especially if the original is sold and you love that painting.  My giclee's  are luminous, brilliant in color, and one of a kind because no two giclee’s are embellished exactly the same. I hand-embellish each one with the same high quality paint that I used on the original. When my clients receive their painting, they can’t believe it’s not an original!  Each series is limited, and I keep my edition numbers low. 

        "Autumn Gold" Giclee

"When we found “Autumn Gold” on Jill’s website, we were delighted.  We fell in love with Aspen trees while visiting Colorado and we wanted a painting that would help us capture the special moments we shared there.  At first, we were a bit skeptical about purchasing a painting online, but after talking to Jill, we were totally at ease.  We loved the fact that she was always available by phone and continuously kept us updated by email.  The painting was delivered in a perfectly sealed package and it was a joy to receive it.  We ordered a giclee and you would never know it wasn’t the original!  Jill added so many embellishments to the painting! The painting has a perfect combination of colors, yellow and red with hints of green and even blue.  We are so proud that it is part of our home.   Thank you, Jill.   We will be in touch".  Zeb and Claudine. - Boca Raton, Fla.  

Below is one of my hand-embellished giclee’s hanging in the waiting room of a local business.  My client appreciated the attention to detail that I put in the embellishing process.



A standard unembellished giclee is a giclée print that has not been painted on with additional paint or texture. Though not embellished, they stand beautifully on their own! This is a tribute to the beauty of the original and the mastery of the digital production company that we use.


Editions on acid free museum quality paper are not embellished.  They are simply stunning on their own! Because I have such high standards when it comes to prints, I waited almost twenty years before I agreed to making reproductions of my work!  I just can't say enough about the quality of my reproduction company.

© 2012 - Written by Jill Saur, Jill Saur Fine Art LLC.