Reasons To Buy A Jill Saur Original

The number one reason to buy an original painting from me is because of how much you love it, and how it makes you feel!  I have a solid record of selling to collectors for the past twenty-nine years.  Many of my patrons return to purchase another piece to add to their collection.  One of my ardent clients owns eleven of my original paintings.  She's been collecting my work for the past ten years.  Even though I offer a 100% money-back-guarantee on all of my originals, I've never had a client return a painting.

A great painting sparks the right hemisphere of our brains, stimulating ideas, and ideas are the root of creativity.  If you surround yourself with art that inspires you, your life will be greatly enriched!  

Studies in work environments have shown that the productivity of an employee is elevated by as much as 25% when they are exposed to original art in their everyday jobs. Art that makes you feel good can uplift your mood and give you a greater sense of well-being. When a corporate office is enhanced with original art, the environment is elevated to a dynamic level that will incentivize both employees and clients!

My patrons tell me that my art inspires them, uplifts their mood, and gives them a sense of peace.  Whether in a home or corporate office, I'm honored that my paintings are hung in a prominent place for all to enjoy.  

When you buy an original painting from me, you'll have a one-of-a-kind creation that no one else in the world has. Your painting will become a family heirloom and be able to be passed down to subsequent generations.  

My paintings have aesthetic value.  Because my work is vibrant, uplifting and full of life, the majority of my clients purchase my paintings to be the focal point of their homes. You'll be happy to know that I take meticulous care of my clients, but you'll never forget how my paintings make you feel.

I'll end with a comment from one of my patrons:  “Jill, Your works have found a place in our home and in our hearts. “Whispering Path” hangs over our fireplace and on the opposite wall, “Autumn Gold”. No matter what entry you make to our family room, you are drawn down one birch lined life path or another. The contrasts are attractive and walking down either path, in one’s mind, lends a sense of satisfaction and peacefulness . You and your work have contributed so positively to our surroundings and that “glad to be home” feeling. Your paintings, by far, are the best purchases we have ever made for our home.  Thank you. We are proud to be patrons of Jill Saur. With warmest regards, Greg and Deborah” - Dunwoody, GA