Aspen Trees Painting by Jill Saur

Aspen Delight 24"x36"

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Original Aspen Trees In Summer Watercolor Painting By Jill Saur 24"x36"

This aspen landscape watercolor painting was purchased by a client who saw it hanging in my studio and just had to have it.  This is their kind review:

"Jill Saur is a master of color and composition. While her paintings show a huge range of style, subject and mood, they share a vivid intensity, pleasing balance, and dynamic sense of movement that captivate the viewer. We recently purchased a watercolor aspen tree painting by Jill Saur that has become one of our favorite works. At first look, the fifty-some trees in the forest create a powerful image of straight vertical lines that seem to glow within a splash of yellow light. But as you continue to look at the painting, you notice that each tree is unique and bends slightly and reaches its branches in sympathy to the others. The dramatic shadows in the foreground and muted tones in the back create an incredible sense of depth and atmosphere. I enjoy this painting everyday and continue to see more each time I gaze upon it. This is what I value about art and have found in Jill’s work." - Dr. Margaret Foley McCabe

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