Aspen Tree Fall Painting

Imagine these exciting vibrant hues and lively aspen trees filling your room with pure joy. This painting is my heaviest textured and layered painting to date.  In the evening, if there's just a little light in the room, an ethereal glow radiates from this work of art.

My original aspen tree acrylic painting on canvas, "Generous Living" is 36"x 48"x 1.5".  The image is painted on the side omitting the need for a frame.  

Interested?  See all the details here: "Generous Living"

You’ll be happy to know that I take meticulous care of my clients, but you’ll never forget how my paintings make you feel!

Please remember that I love to paint commissions.  If you have special colors or seasons that you prefer, I'd love to accommodate you.  All of my contact information is on my website.

Thanks for viewing. - Jill Saur

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