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"Those who do not move, do not notice their chains." - Rosa Luxemburg
When I work on a challenging painting, it's easy to feel a little paralyzed.  As I start moving my brush around the tough areas of the composition, I feel those chains.  Mysteriously, the chains begin to turn into silk threads and I begin to see something unexpected unfold. The journey of an artist's life is not without difficulties, but nothing worth achieving is ever easy.  
The painting above, "Noble Encounter" is a 36"x 48" acrylic painting on canvas.  It's one of the biggest challenges I've taken on and I'm glad I did.  It taught me that there isn't anything that I can't accomplish if I set myself to do it and if I want to do it.
If you're looking for original artwork for your corporate office or home, I specialize in painting art commissions.  My artwork is usually purchased to be the focal point of a room.  Please read what my patrons have to say about commissioning artwork with me.  Your satisfaction is always guaranteed!
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