Painting Classes in Roswell, GA.

painting classes in roswell ga


When I'm painting, it's a time for me to silence the part of my mind that gets in the way of me being who God intended me to be as an artist.  The act of painting transforms me to another world, a better world, a place where creativity and peace flow like a sparkling river.  

If you find yourself sitting down to paint and worrisome thoughts want to take over, don't give up.  Stay with it and you'll find yourself slipping into a very wonderful place.  Art truly is therapy for the soul! 

Please enjoy these wonderful finished works created a while back by my awesome students.  
Do you want to learn to draw and paint? Classes will resume in January! 
To inquire about taking art classes with me, please CLICK HERE.  On my website, you can click on art classes, read about what I do, and you contact me as well.

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