How To Commission A Painting

Are You Looking To Own An Extraordinary Painting That's Just Right For You?  My clients will tell you that you're in the right place!  I Create dynamic expressive works of art and I’ve been painting commissions for clients for over twenty-five years. Why commission a painting with me?  Because you'll get the size painting you're looking for with the colors and subject matter that you want.  You'll own a one-of-a-kind original that will make a unique statement for your home or office.  Most importantly, you're going to get a painting that you love! 
The odds of walking into an art gallery and finding a painting that you love and having it be just the right size that you need, is actually pretty low.
I’ve had clients who've changed their wall space to accommodate one of my paintings, and I’ve had a number of clients decorate an entire room around one of my paintings that they used as a focal point. For those who aren’t prepared to make that costly endeavor, a commission is a perfect way to go.

My paintings are usually featured as the focal point of a room.  The two greatest compliments I get from my clients are that my paintings exude joy and that they're hung in a prominent place for all to see.  

Are you wondering how you can trust commissioning a painting with me if you can't visit my studio?  The answer is, "Your satisfaction is guaranteed!" I’ve had 100% success with my commissions because I take meticulous care of my clients by listening to what they need and communicating with them throughout the entire process.

The Process

  • You will tell me what you are looking for both in content and size.  If we are both confident that our vision is in line with each other, we will proceed with a contract.  
  • I collect half of the purchase price from you. 
  • You provide any color charts or items with colors in them that you want me to include in the painting.  I do a work up sketch and present colors for your approval.  
  • You will receive updates and photos of the painting as it develops.  I gladly accept and want input from you right up until the final approval.  
  • After final approval, you'll make the final payment on your painting.  If you don't live in the Atlanta area, my shipper will pack, insure, and ship your painting to your doorstep.  Best of all, I'll pay the shipping fees.

Below, is a commissioned painting. Read what my patrons have to say about commissioning a painting with me.


 From My Clients Who Commissioned 36"x36" "Symphonic Splendor"

"As first time art commissioners, we were a bit nervous initially to approach an artist and start the process. However, after the first  conversation with Jill, we immediately felt at ease. She let us know that she would be open to color choices and input from us throughout the whole process, and she meant it.  We had several meetings and communications with Jill to discuss the project overall, choose colors, review the sketches, and of course view the final product. There was never a point in the process where we didn’t know what was going to happen next. In the end, we couldn’t be happier with the piece.  She took our vague descriptions and varied color palette and turned it into a beautiful work of art. We can’t wait to hang it as the centerpiece in our brand new home!".    Mandy and Adam C. -  Atlanta, GA

Mandy found me through the internet and gave me a call.  I invited Mandy and Adam to my studio to see my work in person and to discuss their vision for a commission.  After they decided to move forward, Mandy emailed me a paint color chart to show me her desired colors.  

I created a color chart with my acrylic paints and invited Mandy to my studio to see them in person.  Mandy also brought me a pottery piece to show me her favorite color.  


I submitted three drawings to them via email and they chose the one below. 

Because Mandy and Adam commissioned this painting to be the focal point of their beautiful home, I painted a smaller canvas for them to preview (below).  Both Mandy and Adam came to my studio to see it.

They loved my preliminary painting.  I started the final 36”x36” piece.  When the painting was completed, both Adam and Mandy came to my studio to give their final approval. They were ecstatic! (Painting Below)

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