Fall Aspen Tree Painting

Fall Aspen Tree Painting

My newest original fall aspen tree painting is titled, "Autumn Brilliance" and it measures 48"x 60"x 1.5".

Imagine these exciting vibrant hues and lively aspen trees filling your room and creating a mesmerizing focal point.  In the evening, if there's just a little light in the room, an ethereal glow radiates from this work of art. 

I can guarantee you that photographs just can't do this painting justice.  When my clients enter my studio, the first thing they tell me is that my work is surprisingly better in person than online.  They love it online or they wouldn't come to my studio, but when they actually see it, they tell me it blows them away.  It's hard for me to write that because I realize it might seem boastful, but they aren't my words, they're the words of my patrons.

This painting is intended to be a focal point for any room that it hangs in.  I love aspen trees and that is something that's truly reflected in this work.

You can find this painting on my website by clicking here:   AUTUMN BRILLIANCE

If you're  looking for a different size painting or colors, I love to painting commissions!


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