Aspen Trees

The first time I came across this magnificent aspen forest in Kebler Pass, Colorado, I was with Tom, my husband. It was toward the end of the day and we were both hungry and tired. When I saw these trees and the amount of land to wander through them, I was exhilarated. We explored captured some great photos for subject matter to paint. I was determined that one day I would return to further explore this mesmerizing forest and linger amongst the aspens.
It took two and half years, but I made it back to the exact place in my forest of trees. My sister and I took a trip together and I was able to share these special places with her. I just don't have words to describe the sheer beauty of an aspen forest. The quaking leaves make a music all their own and the eyes on the trees are everywhere, watching...always watching. Actually, they're scars from where the lower branches break off. Aspen trees need light to grow. When the lower branches get less light, they begin to die and break off.
I've always called aspens, "The Giving Trees", because when there's a fire in a forest or mountain side, they're the first ones to start growing. They nourish the soil for other types of trees to take root and grow. As other trees grow up around them, the aspens (being the shorter tree) eventually die off because they don't get enough light. They give their life so that other trees might grow. Hence, the giving trees.
It's been about five years since I was in this spot. Hmmm, perhaps it's time for another visit. If you've never visited an aspen forest, I hope that one day you'll have the chance. You'll be amazed and quite possibly, you'll never be the same. 

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