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I love to paint commissions.  Many artists steer away from taking on a project that will ultimately be under the scrutiny of their clients.  However,  I love doing just that!  I've been incredibly blessed to have the nicest clients which motivates me even further to meet their expectations.  

I just finished this 30"x40" commissioned piece titled, "Buckhead Vista".  Below, you can see photos of my process and my clients review.

From my clients who commissioned 30"x40" "Buckhead Vista"

"Jill made our first original painting experience incredibly special. We approached Jill after finding her work online wanting to commission a painting of the view from our Buckhead balcony. Our intent was to capture the beauty of the view to feature in our future homes, and we specifically picked Jill due to her ability to capture the vibrance of natural and man-made landscapes. 
Jill worked with us to pick our favorite photo of the balcony view and fine-tuned it to the perfect depiction of a fall day looking north to the mountains. Throughout the process, Jill was extremely communicative and sent our family regular progress updates.  She worked tirelessly to perfect every aspect of the photo and we couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. We are so excited to have this unique piece in our family and will cherish it for years to come!" Thank you for everything, Jill! Best, Cara - Buckhead, GA.
I chose hues from my personal color charts that matched up with the enhanced colors in the photo from Cara's balcony.  
I ended up mixing paint on six palette's for this project, my new record.
Jill Saur's Palette
Stratocumulus clouds are very difficult to paint.  I painted a work-up sky on a smaller canvas, working out my strategy for the sky and then I began the larger piece. 
After getting further along with the sky, I painted a yellow underpainting for the trees and foliage. This way, they would end up with a beautiful glow.
This next photo shows the beginnings of the foliage.
The street scenes were very complicated.  Not wanting to settle for anything less than spectacular, I painted them several times to get the perspective and size correct.  Below, you can see the finished result.
Cara's husband, Aaron, picked up the painting so that he could take it to the framer.  With his permission, I'm sharing this photo.  Happy client, happy artist!

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