Chattahoochee River Painting

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I've long been enthralled by the Chattahoochee River.  Living north of Atlanta, it's one of the few places that a soul has to wander that's not too far from home.  It's possible to spend a nice amount of time gazing at the fast moving waters in complete solitude.  This particular area is called, Jones Bridge.  The old bridge has since come down and a new one is being built so that other wandering souls can cross from one side to the other.
This 36"x 36" acrylic painting, "Autumn Infusion," on wide border canvas has a kinetic that carries your eye along the water's path to the focal point.  The dramatic stark white tree is accentuated by the blazing colors of fall.  One of my favorite things to include in my artwork is a path.  Paths are one of the most significant reminders of the daily choices that we make in our life's journey.
This painting is currently available on my website.  Thanks for viewing! - Jill Saur

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