Painting Commission

My new 48"x 48" acrylic painting commission is finished!  My wonderful clients, who live in Atlanta, commissioned me to paint this glowing aspen tree painting for over their fireplace in their beautiful home.  Vicky saw a small painting on my website that she loved and asked me to do a similar painting for over their fireplace.  You can see the smaller painting above my canvas on the right.  Slightly altering the colors and composition, I painted a small acrylic painting to get their approval for the larger piece (painting on the upper left). 
After spending two months on this new labor of love, I finished and titled the painting, "Love's Journey."  I was so pleased to be able to help hang it in their lovely home. As an artist, it's deeply rewarding to see where my paintings end up.  And, it's especially gratifying to see the look on my clients faces when they see it in their home or office.  
After years of painting commissions, I can honestly say that I've had the best clients that I could have ever hoped for.  - Jill Saur
Jill Saur
Jill Saur

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